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Nimrod's Fortress

Nimrod's Fortress is a castle located on the southern slopes of Mount Hermon.
The area has been under Israeli administration since 1967 along with Golan Heights
and belongs to Syria under international law.

The fortress is said to have been built around 1229 by Al-Aziz 'Uthman one of the younger sons of Saladin to preempt an attack on Damascus. The astonishing fortress however seems like an older structure that may have been restored or repaired at that time as two different types of stonework can be seen.

First there is the use of some megalithic stones, polygonal stonework,and some incredible
arched stonework, then there are areas where less superior stonework is visible.

The fortress entrance is in the west and the first section has secret corridors, winding staircases and underground water cisterns. There are special windows, designed for shooting bows and arrows, which are narrow on the outside but wide on the inside. In the central part are the remains of a keep,
and in the western part there are the remains of a fortress within a fortress protected by it's own moat and drawbridge. That is the oldest part of the castle having been constructed first.