These May Look Like Statues But They're Not ✔️

The Bhaja Caves


The Bhaja Caves located in Maharashtra, India  are rock-cut caves that date back at least to the 2nd century BC, they are some of the oldest caves in India. This is just one of the 22 incredible rock cut formations that are perched on a hill 400 feet above Lonavala.

The caves, a magnificent sight and incredible feat of engineering are are adorned with intricate carvings. Inscriptions on the pillars are a testimony to their antiquity. It is thought that the caves served as religious centers of Buddhism. Representations of Buddha were only symbolic at first but after 4 AD Buddha was painted in physical form as well.

One of the most impressive monuments is the chaityagriha which features an open horseshoe arched entrance, one of the earliest of it's type. It is decorated with unique reliefs from Indian mythology.

A significant feature of the chaityagriha monument is a group of 14 elaborately carved stupas, relics of monks who  died at Bhaja which are inscribed with the names of three monks.

Another notable feature of the caves is their use of wooden architecture. While inscriptions go as far back as the second century BC no one is certain by who, or when these amazing monuments were constructed.